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Book Fair 2009............a tour   Book Fair 2009............a tour   Book Fair 2009............a tour
Dr. Maria Fernanda Santiago Bolanos, inauguratoor and one of the most important contemporary authors of Spain   Speech delivered by the Honourable Ambassador of Spain, Rafael Conde De Saro   Speech delivered by the Honourable Chief Minister of West Bengal Sri Buddhadeb Bhattacharya.
Speech delivered by the Honourable Mayor of Kolkata Sri Bikash Ranjan Bhattacharya   Speech delivered by the eminent author of Bengal Syed Mustafa Siraj   Website Information & Updating
Boi Mela..............a tour   Boi Mela..............a tour   Boi Mela..............a tour
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As compared to other crimes, Identity Theft is something about the seriousness of which the public is still unaware. It can be quite destructive and may cost its unsuspecting victims, quite a substantial amount of money or even their entire life savings.

According to the law of the United States there are a set of requirements which if are met by an individual at birth or even after birth they are eligible to the Us Citizenship. Individuals born in the Unites States are legal citizen if their parents are US citizens.

Wrongful Death by definition means killing of one human being by another due to negligence. In such cases, the relatives of the deceased have the right to file a legal case against the individual(s) responsible for the death. Rules for punishment of wrongful death can vary from state to state.

Wrongful Termination occurs when an employer dismisses the employee in such a manner that it violates one or more terms and conditions of the contract of employment. This could also result from violating one or more rules of the employment law.

Workplace Health and Safety is of utmost importance to the employers and the employees. The term is concerned with the welfare, safety, and health of individuals at work. These are not only applicable to workers involved in physical activity at work but also to those individuals who are putting in mental effort.