Kolkata Book Fair Online


international Kolkata book fair committee 2009-10

Shri Jayanta Bagchi,

Director & Convener,

International Kolkata Book Fair 2010

Shri Asok De

Shri Ashok Narayan Barman

Shri Debkumar Basu

Shri Deshbandhu Nagpal

Shri Dwijendranath Basu

Shri Harish Golani

Shri Mahesh Golani

Shri Prabir Kumar Majumdar

Shri Raju Barman

Shri Ramen Guha

ShriShyamapada Bhattacharya

ShriSuprokash Basu

Shri Tapas Saha

Shri Tridib Chattopadhyay

Shri Samit Sarkar

Shri Sribindu Bhattacharya

Shri Sudhangshu Dey

Shri Yogesh J. Tanna


Shri Sumantra Chowdhury, IAS, Addl. Chief Secretary, Transport Department, Govt. of West Bengal

Shri Arnab Roy, Commissioner, KMC

Deputy Commissioner of Police, HQ, Kolkata Police

Deputy Commissioner of Police, Traffic, Kolkata Police

Shri Atanu Raha, IFS, Principal Chief Conservator of Forest, West Bengal

Superintendent of Police, 24 PGS(S), West Bengal Police

Member-Secretary, West Bengal Pollution Control Board

Syed. Nasiruddin, Jt. Secy. Home, Govt. of West Bengal

Shri Nilay Ghosh, Director, Information & Ex-Officio Jt Sec, Information & Cultural Affairs Department

Shri Anup Motilal, Director, Culture, Deptt of I & CA

Shri Sailes Mukherjee, PS to CM

Shri P.K. Sil, General Manager,

West Bengal Trade Promotion Organization


Shri Faiyaz Ahmed Khan, Mayor-in-Council

Smt Chandana Ghosh Dastidar, Mayor-in-Council, KMC

Dr. Soumendranath Bera, Director,

Centre for Studies in Book Publishing

Divisional Officer, West Bengal Fire & Emergency Service

Secretary, Bangiya Prakashak o Pustakbikreta Sabha

Secretary, Paschim Banga Prakashak Sabha

Secretary, All Bengal Publishers Association


Book Promotion Sub-Committee

Shri ShyamapadaBhattacharya Convener

Shri Subhankar Dey   Jt. Convener

Shri Suprokash Basu

Shri PinakiMazumdar

ShriTapas Saha

Shri Pradip Barik


Finance Sub-Committee

Shri Prabir Kumar Mazumdar Convener

Shri Pradip Kr. Barik (Jt. Convener)

Shri Suprokash Basu

Shri Shyamapada Bhattacharya

Shri Tapas Saha

Shri Samit Sarkar


Planning Sub-Committee

Shri Ramen Guha   Convener

Shri Pinaki Mazumdar

Shri MilindaDe

Shri Prabir Kr. Mazumdar

Shri Priyobrata Deb

Shri Nabi Chowdhury (Spl. Invitee)

Shri Anish Deb (Spl. Invitee)

Shri Santipriyo Bandyopadhyay (Spl. Invitee)


Ground Sub-Committee

Shri Sudhangshu Dey   Convener

Shri Ashok Narayan Barman (Jt. Convener)

Shri Tapas Saha

Shri Sribindu Bhattacharya

Shri Deb Kumar Basu

Shri Yogesh J. Tanna

Shri Desh Bandhu Nagpal

Shri Pinaki Mazumdar

Shri Aniruddha Bhattacharya


Ground Security Sub-Committee

Shri Debkumar Basu   Convener

Shri Pinaki Mazumdar (Jt. Convener)

Shri Ashok Narayan Barman

Shri Raju Barman

Shri Sudhangshu Dey

Shri Desh Bandhu Nagpal


Publication Sub-Committee

Shri Raju Barman   Convener

Shri Tapas Saha

Shri Jayanta Bagchi

Shri Sovik Kr. De

Shri Kamal Mitra (Spl. Invitee)


Public Relations & Media Sub-Committee

Shri Sribindu Bhattacharya   Convener

Shri Desh Bandhu Nagpal(Jt. Convener)

Shri Subrata Dattagupta

Shri Sudhangshu Dey

Shri Tapas Saha

Shri Milinda De

Shri Jayanta Kumar Sen

Shri Samir Goswami (Spl. Invitee)

Shri Biswajit Motilal (Spl. Invitee)

Shri Rathindramohan Banerjee (Spl. Invitee)

Reception Sub-Committee

Shri Harish Golani (Convener)

Shri Samit Sarkar (Jt. Convener)

Shri Subhashish Bhattacharya

Shri Aniruddha Bhattacharya


Seminar Sub-Committee

Shri Tapas Saha -- Convener

Shri Milinda De   Jt. Convener

Shri Subrata Duttagupta

Shri Sribindu Bhattacharya

Shri Sovik Kr. De

Shri Ramkumar Mukhopadhyay (Spl. Invitee)

Dr. Soumendranath Bera(Spl. Invitee)


Transport Sub-Committee

Shri Yogesh J. Tanna (Convener)

Shri Rakhal Bera (Spl. Invitee)

Shri Sudhangshu Dey

Shri Pradip Barik

Shri Aniruddha Bhattacharya

Shri Sovik De

Shri Ritesh Pirojiwal (Spl. Invitee)


International Assistance Sub-Committee

Shri Mahesh Golani (Co Convener)

Shri Suprokash Basu (Co Convener)

Shri Raju Barman

Shri Srijit Bhattacharya(Spl. Invitee)

Shri Vikram J.Tanna

Shri Milinda De

Shri Sovik Kr. De

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