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Mr. Kenneth Thurston Hurst - 1984
Dr. Prem Nath Kirpal - 1985
Mr. W. Bradford Wiley - 1986
Mr. J. A. Koutchoumow - 1987
Mr. Peter Mayer - 1988
Mr. Clive Bradley - 1989
Mr. Andrew Neilly - 1990
Dr. Karan Singh - 1991
Mr. Sigmund Stromme - 1992
Mr. Jean Miot - 1993
Mr. Khushwant Singh - 1994
Mr. Dinanath Malhotra - 1995
Dr. Ashesh Prosad Mitra - 1996
Mr. Mathew Evans - 1997
Dr. Alstair Niven - 1998
Mr. Christophe Jaffrelot - 1999
Dr. Candido Antonio de Almeida - 2000
Dr. Moni Bhaurnik - 2001
Prof. Arjun Dev - 2002
Frank Agiiero Gomz - 2003
Mr. Emmanuel Carballo - 2004
Jean Claude Carrier - 2005
Carlos Narvion Verona - 2006
Thomas Keneally - 2007
Alexander Mc Call Smith - 2009

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