Kolkata Book Fair Online


Little Magazines have been an integral part of the history of Bengali literature. In their own quiet and unassuming ways, little magazines try to provide some famous and mostly not so famous yet talenter writers and their connoisseurs a common platform to exchange their views, spread the wings of their imagination and raise their voice.

As the name suggests, little magazines are literally little in many respet, but the effort behind them have never been too little and neither have they been short of imagination and inspiration. The relevance of little magazines cannot be gauged by the size of their readership but from the fact that little magazines are epitomes of loud protests against commercial necessity of zipping everything between two cover pages.

Kolkata Book Fair always being a special place for such magazines, provides a separate pavilion, where many hundreds of such little magazines from various parts of Bengal and outside assemble together.

In this section we provide a list of contemporary little magazines categorized on the basis of their place of origin.

Click on the districts below to see the details of magazines published from there

24 Pargana S 24 Pargana N Bankura Bardhaman Birbhum Calcutta
Darjeeling Hooghly Howrah Jalpaiguri Koochbehar Malda
Medinipur Murshidabad Nadia Purulia Dinajpur N Dinajpur S
Outside Bengal Outside India

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