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Harris Beach LLP is one of the top 100 law firms in the country, with over 200 attorneys working in 26 practice areas. The firm believes in providing the best solutions to clients in legal disputes, it lays emphasis on diversity and innovation.

Gallner and Patterman, P.C. is a renowned litigation company that deals with all areas of employment law such as workers injury and compensation. The firm has hired a skilled and qualified team of attorneys who manage client cases from all states.

Gardere Wynne Sewell LLP practices in over 40 areas and has over 250 attorneys working under its roof. The firm has gained recognition for its innovative solutions in the areas of employee benefits, construction law, corporate law, class action, and retail law.

Gardner Carton and Douglas is a law firm located in Chicago. It was set up in 1920 by Henry Gardner and Alfred Tom. The firm specializes in corporate law and is serving many well known organizations, it is ranked amongst the top firms in the nation.

Haynsworth Sinkler Boyd PA is a prestigious law firm headquartered in South Carolina. It is one of the oldest legal firms in the country and is catering to multiple practice areas. The firm has successfully resolved many cases in its 100 year experience.

Hartford Business Journal has ranked Hinckley Allen and Snyder LLP as one of the best places to work. The corporate culture of this firm enhances professional growth and creativity. Clients seeking legal help can find renowned and skilled lawyers working at Hinckley.