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According to the Murder Law, a criminal found guilty of the crime of killing another human being, can be punished by the court of law in a number of ways which could include a death sentence, life imprisonment, and/or monetary compensation along the announced punishment.

A number of law firms are offering legal services in the area of Juvenile Crime. This problem is on the rise in the United States. As juvenile law is considerably different from criminal law, dealing with these cases requires an expert of the field.

Miranda Rightsis a form of formal warning given by the officials of the police department of the United States of America to the criminals who are in custody for suspected crime to speak up in honesty before they are taken for interrogation.

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Medical Malpractice Law is a legal claim against the medical practitioner submitted by the patient or the family of the patient seeking punishment on grounds that the medical practitioner did not fulfill his/her duties as per standard procedures which resulted in the death or worsening condition of the patient.