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Whether it's a student working towards completing a project or a thesis, a paralegal trying to do background research for a case or an author digging into records and volumes of data; archives are an important source of information. However, this information doesn't need to be in textual form and can be archived in various mediums such as photographs and negatives, magnetic tape and celluloid reels, LPS, CDs, DVDs and now simply as bits and bytes on hard drives. The International Council on Archives is oversees archiving projects and initiatives all over the world. We cannot plan for our future unless we archive the past.

Despite the attraction of huge law firms, a small legal concern such as Alex J Ru has its own prestige. Instead of spreading itself across a large variety of areas, the Alex J Ru Law Firm focuses primarily on employment related legal matters. Areas such as labor law disputes, overtime pay, employment benefits, discrimination, worker’s compensation and unemployment are all handled by this PLLC. The firm also has an expertise in handling clients whose cases fall under family law as well as chapter 11 and chapter 13 bankruptcies. Get all your law books from Kolkata Book Fair Online for getting the legal knowhow to join this firm.